Names of the War

The following names at one time or another have been used in naming the American Civil War. Some are commonly used, but others are more obscure and can be found through research. If you have one to add to the list, drop me a line with a link to where it was found. There must be at least 3 sources to verify the name.

• The Civil War
• The Lost Cause
• The Brothers' War
• Mr. Lincoln's War
• The Yankee Invasion
• The Confederate War
• The Great Rebellion
• The War of Secession
• The War for the Union
• The War for Abolition
• The Southern Rebellion
• The War for Separation
• The War of the Sixties
• The War of the Rebellion
• The War Against Slavery
• The War for Nationality
• The War of the Southrons
• The War for States' Rights
• The War for Southern Rights
• The War for Southern Freedom
• The War of the North and South
• The Second American Revolution
• The Second War for Independence
• The Civil War Between the States
• The War for Southern Nationality
• The War of the Southern Planters
• The War for Southern Independence
• The War for Constitutional Liberty
• The War Against Northern Aggression
• The War to Suppress Yankee Arrogance

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