Women of the War


Jennie Hodgers

Born: December 25 1843 - Clogherhead, County Louth, Ireland

Died: October 10 1915 - Quincy, Illinois

   As the War escalated in July of 1862, President Lincoln sent out a call for an additional 300,000 men to serve in the Union Army. Although she was not a man, 19 year-old Jennie Hodgers was eager to do her part. She dressed herself in men's clothing, stepped into the recruiting office, and volunteered for military service. Reading and writing were not required of volunteers (Jennie could do neither), and so after marking an "X" on the enlistment papers and passing a cursory pre-induction physical examination (just a quick look at the eyes and ears -- no undressing or stripping to the waist) Jennie Hodgers was transformed into Albert D. J. Cashier, Private First Class, Co. 6, 95th Illinois Infantry Volunteers.

Note: After the war, Cashier returned to Belvidere, Illinois for a time where he worked for a man named Samuel Pepper.

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